Who Knows.

Pour Quoi?   I don't.


Bro: Uhh let me know when your done with the computer, okay?

Me: Okay. (little does he know I’m on tumblr refreshing continously so I probably won’t be done until 5 o’clock in the morning…………………………..)


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bands will make her cry, bands will make her cry 

all these tears rolling down her face & she ain’t cutting onions

bands will make her cryyyyyyyy

I AM SO BORED LIKE I should be asleep right now. But everything fun happens when I’m sleepingggg   

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The only thing I’m good at.


The only thing I’m good at.

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Advice on love: “don’t get your ass caught up, girl”

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I can get any guy on God’s green earth to love me…..but not you. Tell me why that is.

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I napped my eyebrows off.

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whenever I see a roach it’s automatic *spring cleaning time* I don’t care if it’s the middle of August EVERYTHING GETS CLEANED

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i get high self esteem when a cat that hates everybody else ends up liking me

& hella low self-esteem when a baby cries when I hold it.

(via palmist)

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Ex-girlfriends be like

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